Get three future Windows 7 features for Vista today

CalcthumbTwo hacks have already surfaced for Windows Vista that add new features from Windows 7, and I expect we’ll see more over the next year. Paul Thurrott points out this hack trio so you can one or both of the following to your Vista machine.

The Windows 7 Calculator has a simple Mode switch to get you moving between the Standard, Programmer, Scientific and Statistics function, but it gets better. There’s also some built-in functions to compute everyday problems like gas mileage, mortgage or lease payments, and hourly wages. You can add this to Windows Vista with a small 358 KB download.

Aero Snap is nifty feature as well and I’m liking it on the MSI Wind which is still running the Windows 7 Milestone 3 test version. With it, you can drag a window to the side of your display and it will auto-resize to half of the screen. Pull it away from the screen and it returns to its prior size & shape. Snap it to the top of your monitor and it maximizes. Nifty and handy although some folks will of course say "meh!". If you’re not in that camp, you can grab the 823 KB executable here.

Aero Shake is another window control feature: grab any window and move it left & right for a sec to minimize all other windows. Shake it again and the windows are all restored. I find this very useful on the smaller screen of my netbook and if you think you might, you can grab the 200 KB AutoHotkey script through Lifehacker.