MySpace Launches PrimeTime App

Social network MySpace launched its new Primetime application today, which lets users watch full-length content from their user homepages and profile pages.
To use the new Primetime feature, users must first download the free app, but once it’s running they will have access to premium content from Hulu, Warner Bros., Sony (s SNE) as well as MySpace originals like Roommates. The player offers sharing through links and embeds, as well as a thumbnail links to related content and a searchable directory of additional content.

MySpace says this new PrimeTime has the potential to monetize more than 150 million pages with video content, and mathematically that is possible. The company arrived at this figure based on comScore numbers saying the site reaches 76 million people a month and assuming each of those people installed the app on both their home page and profile page. Voila! You’ve got 152 million. Of course, that’s dependent on all users installing the app in both places.
In addition to the new app, MySpace redesigned the Primetime home on the site with a more pronounced player and easier searching for content across TV shows, movies, originals and channels.
While Hulu is a joint venture between FOX and NBC, the premium content company isn’t exclusively aligning with the FOX-owned MySpace social network. Hulu is also part of Facebook Connect and was supposed to launch that aspect of its service back in August.