Dell offers $100 instant rebate on Palm Treo Pro in U.S.


Some Black Friday deals are already trickling out on netbooks and we’re hearing that Apple will continue their tradition of holiday discounts as well. [I’ll need someone to hide the car keys or I just might end up with a new MacBook.] If you can’t wait until late November for a deal and you’re considering a Palm Treo Pro smartphone you’ll want to hit up… Dell?!? Yup, that’s right, Dell.

The computer retailer is long-known for selling non-PC products ranging from overpriced UMPCs to HDTVs and they’ve got a deal on the unlocked Palm Treo Pro, which normally sets you back $550. Treonauts caught word of a $100 discount code, which gets you Palm’s newest GSM smartphone for $449.99, which includes a free 3-5 day shipping option. Here’s the catch: it looks to be U.S. only and you can’t wait until Black Friday for this deal as it expires next Wednesday, November the 19th.