NewTeeVee Live Breakout Video Star: Lucas ‘Fred’ Cruikshank

We can safely say that 15-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, creator of the wildly popular Fred character on YouTube, is the youngest innovator that Giga Omni Media has had on its stage. Cruikshank, who has a Mac laptop and a blackberry, says one secret is to launch videos on Thursday around the time that kids get out of school. The buzz will pick up on Friday during school hours and on Saturday the show will often get the most views.
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Cruikshank says the hyperactive, weird Fred character is an exaggerated version of his younger brothers and a good perk of being a 15-year-old online video star is that seniors at his high school will talk to him despite the fact that he’s a freshman. Want to know what kind of a CPM he charges? Well, he’s not going to tell you.