Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live a Sign of Times To Come

Dear 1998,
I know you have a lot on your mind right now — what with Friends’ Ross and Rachel maybe being broken up for real this time, and wow, how about that Monica Lewinsky? But it’s important you remember the following two things: Sell your shares of Pets.com while you still have a choice, and keep your eye on the young one in ‘N Sync. You know, Justin? Because it turns out he is really, really talented.
To prove it, I have found a way to send you these two videos from a November 2008 episode of Saturday Night Live — yes, we still have Saturday Night Live here in the future.

Justin Timberlake as one of Beyonce’s Single Ladies (note: the sketch’s premise — male dancers subbing in for the video’s original female dancers — is probably unrelated to the fact that one of Beyonce’s real Single Ladies is rumored to be choreographer Jaquel Knight)

Please do not be bewildered by our futuristic embedding technology and instead enjoy how the former Mouseketeer is funnier than half of the show’s current cast. And get used to it. I just got a letter from 2018 yesterday, where Justin Timberlake now rules us like a king.
Lots of love,