mDialog: A Suite of Video Management Tools

mDialog - Easy Hi-Res video sharingAs an aspiring videoblogger and indy filmmaker, I’ve been eying mDialog for a while but had yet to wrap my head around what it actually offered.
I also had a strange first introduction to mDialog that may have clouded my view of the site. Luckily, I had a chance to speak with Greg Philpott, founder of mDialog, to learn more about the site and services, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.
mDialog is for any video publisher who wants to upload and manage high resolution video. The site utilizes a desktop app and a plug-in that works with the Safari browser and is compatible with Apple TV and the iPhone. Both Mac and PC users can use mDialog’s apps.

Philpott says the client side video coding solves issues of working with high resolution video online. The crunching generates MPEG4 files – perfect for playing on an iPhone with the mDialog iPhone app.
The site offers drag and drop video management. Just create a free account, log in, and you can choose from channels where you can place your videos or create your own. The site also builds in social tools to create and collaborate on channels including creating and managing video contests.
Right away, I could see that mDialog might be the ideal application for a client of mine – the Wyoming Film Office – and their annual Wyoming Short Film Contest. They need a site where filmmakers can easily upload their video submissions, then a private area to let judges rank and comment on videos, and then a public channel where the winning video and other submissions can be viewed. mDialog could fit the bill.
mDialog is not just about uploading and hosting high rez video but also about distribution. mDialog content can be distributed through an embedded player and is also submitted to iTunes. The embedded video player can also include a survey within the player so before or after viewing a video, the viewer could be asked to fill out a survey. If the videos were training videos, the survey could be in the form of a quiz to test one’s knowledge.
According to Philpott, mDialog was not intended to be a destination but rather a place to manage videos. “The publisher should be the destination,” says Philpott, that is the broadcaster, the video blogger, the filmmaker. The idea for mDialog came about when Philpott was working in the broadcasting sector and was wondering why everyone was settling for low quality video when it was possible to deliver high quality video on web sits. He was also enthralled with the “back channel” of audience engagement by adding social features to videos.
Coming up next for mDialog? A new player that you can embed into your blog or site that will include the ability for visitors to sign up for mDialog straight through the player. And after that? It’s a secret, but I’ll give you a hint…shhhhh…”monetization.”
What are you using for your high rez online video, and how does it work for you?