Pushing Wi-Fi Speeds To Over 300 Mbps

gigabitwifiNormally I don’t pay much attention to product announcements, but a news release from Proxim Wireless (s PRXM) caught my eye. They are announcing a new device that uses dual 802.11n radios to wirelessly transmit data at speeds in excess of 300 Mbps. A single radio version can hit speeds of 170 Mbps. These speeds would make them almost seven times faster than current wireless networks. Many believe that we are headed to Gigabit Wireless Networks soon. The 802.11n standard is still in “draft” and is expected to be finalized by November 2009.
Proxim claims that using a distributed wireless architecture that eliminates the need for a centralized wireless controller makes it easy for them to overcome the bottlenecks associated with the centralized controller architecture that is used by most Wi-Fi gear makers. The company is using a Freescale processor and latest Atheros 802.11n chipset.