New Celio REDFLYs: one more mobile, one extends media devices

Redfly_c8nNormally, this time of year is what I call the "CES quiet period". Major product announcements are farther and fewer between than normal because the massive January show is right around the corner. Luckily, nobody told the folks at Celio because the company just announced two new REDFLY models, the C7 and C8N. These are both slightly different than the original (see our video review) and are far below the original price of that device when it came out, which addresses some potential customer’s concerns. Both devices are still meant to pair with your Windows Mobile smartphone, a unique solution that brings the mobile OS, connectivity, and processing power to a more usable display and keyboard.

The REDFLY C7 shaves of a little size and weight, moving down to an 7-inch display, lighter battery and weight of 1.5 pounds. Celio says the C7 should run for five hours on a single charge. I’d think most folks wouldn’t use this smartphone companion for all day computing, so it sounds like a workable situation to me. The C7 can be pre-ordered today at $229, with delivery starting December 1st.

The new C8N REDFLY model extends the device beyond the traditional smartphone to bring media to your mobile environment. The C8N supports USB connections to an iPod, iPhone, Microsoft Zune player or supported digital camera so you can view and listen to media on the 8-inch 800×480 display. Celio will offer a $19.95 REDFLY Media Cable that provides a third USB port to the REDFLY and also accepts composite video signals. The C8N is also available for pre-order today at $299 and shipping is expected to start on the same day as the C7.

Update: our podcast co-host, Matt Miller, put the new REDFLY C8N through the paces and offers up a review with video. Looks like he was able to connect his iPhone and Nokia N96 for media playback on the 8-inch display.