Vid-Biz: Move, iTunes, Unhappiness

Move Networks Partners with Permission TV; adaptive streaming company hooks up with online video platform provider to resell integrated services to smaller media companies. (Broadcasting & Cable)
ITunes Numbers Still Tiny for NBC; TV by the Numbers says at most, iTunes downloads are less than one percent of viewing if you add them to the TV viewing numbers. (TV by the Numbers)
Unhappy People Watch More TV; new study says that people who are “not happy” watch 30 percent more TV hours per day than their “very happy” counterparts. (Reuters)
Neuros Reveals Next-Gen Box; unlike other PC-based media extenders, Neuros gets web video to your TV via the cloud. (Zatz Not Funny)
Heroes Launches Friend or Foe Online; extends the ongoing NBC saga onto the web to let fans interact more deeply with the show. (emailed release)
Global Market for Set-Top Boxes to Peak in 2012; market will grow for the next few years, topping out at 110 million shipments, decline after that due in part to transition to all-digital broadcasting. (ABI Research)
Pixsy Adds 5 Video Syndication Partners; private-label video search service to be used by eZanga,, IceRocket, EgoTVOnline and GossipGirls. (emailed release)