Frenzic Finally Comes Home

Iconfactory and ARTIS Software bring their game, Frenzic, to the iPhone. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since before the iPhone even came to market. The simple yet challenging pie-based puzzle game really, truly seems like a match made in geek heaven, as the co-founder of Iconfactory once said.
So often — as John Gruber points out — games built for the desktop PC don’t translate well to a hand held device such as the iPhone. But this time it seems to be different. The touch controls make for quite a natural playing experience in Frenzic (for iPhone), in fact, more so than with the typical mouse pointing interface. This will definitely be my new bathroom game time-waster of choice. And if I may gush, just a little, the Frenzic UI is just so sharp, responsive, and downright perfect for the iPhone platform!
If you’re new to Frenzic, you can give it a whirl on your Mac for free to see if you dig it. If it’s nothing new for you, you might be so inclined to check it out in the App Store. It’s $4.99, which seems to be in about the middle of the majority of iPhone App pricing. Your mileage may vary, but I find it a very solid five bucks to spend in the App Store.
Side note — this is the first time I’ve noticed that iTunes links are going to a clean URL at (, versus the typical ‘phobos’ link. Am I just behind the curve (not at all out of the question!) or is this newly implemented by Apple? From what I can tell, and are the new phobos, though some URLs are cleaner than others (Frenzic in this case).