VMware Fusion On Sale

Black Friday sale prices are coming a little early for those of you looking to buy VMware Fusion this month. Our readers report that VMware is sending out emails with a 25% off coupon.

Get 25% off automatically when you purchase VMware Fusion online, using the coupon code “FusionRocks” for a limited time only.

VMware Fusion has been my recommendation for some time because of the wide support for guest OS’s including OS X Server, but the new Parallels Desktop 4.0 release does a lot to close the gap. I imagine the coupon is motivated in part by the increased competition from Parallels 4.0 this month.
Our own Darrell Etherington wrote up a comparison of VMware Fusion 2.0 and Parallels 4.0 where he slightly preferred Fusion. Now it is even a better deal at 25% off.
The coupon expires at midnight (Pacific time) at Sunday, November 30.