ComScore: NBC, Hulu Had Big Gains in October

We knew Tina Fey’s impersonations of former V-P candidate Sarah Palin helped boost the online video fortunes of NBC and Hulu, and now we know just how much of a bump each site got in October, when the election was in full swing.
According to comScore, Hulu went from 2.85 million unique visitors in September to 5.34 million uniques in October, for an 87 percent increase. NBC Universal jumped from 16 million uniques in September to almost 24.8 million uniques in October, for a 33 percent jump. Further, NBC’s online Saturday Night Live channel shot up 85 percent to 4.4 million visitors in October.
Of course, it wasn’t all Fey-lin’s doing. The Palin-Biden and Obama McCain debates were live-streamed during October as well.
The question becomes, how much of that new traffic will Hulu and NBC be able to hang onto now that the election is over?