Tay Zonday, Ray Stevenson and Funtwo at YouTube Live

I think YouTube missed a golden opportunity at their YouTube Live event last night. Mashing up the deep baritone voice of Tay Zonday with the high-pitched, nails-on-chalkboard “Fred” would have been comedy GOLD, I tells ya. Oh well.
Anyway. In addition to the excellent live-casting that Liz did from the show, I shot a few interviews with a couple of interesting folks on hand including Zonday (of Chocolate Rain fame), Ray Stevenson (the new Punisher, and also Titus Pullo from Rome), and Jeong-Hyun Lim, better known as funtwo, the YouTube guitar virtuoso.
Zonday chatted with us about being a part of web celeb roundups like the Weezer Pork and Beans video as well as having his head explode on South Park (he thinks they got his voice wrong).

While Stevenson was mostly there to plug his upcoming movie (Lionsgate, which produced Punisher was a sponsor of the show), he got pretty deep when talking about how YouTube can break down social barriers between cultures.

And my favorite moment of the evening last night was watching Lim play with Joe Satriani. I chatted with Lim briefly before the show and he referred to Satriani as his “master.” Watching them both “jam” on the same stage was watching a moment of pure genuine joy (though the sound of his guitar shredding overwhelmed the poor li’l microphone on the Flip camera).