Monday Vid Picks: Shiba Inu Puppies Funtimes

They regularly trend as a hot topic on Twitter. The cast and crew of The Guild watch them on set. And they spend most of their time sleeping in a giant, snuggly pile, but that hasn’t kept them from becoming the hottest new stars in the livecasting world — darn right I’m talking about the Shiba Inu puppy cam.
Free live streaming by Ustream
Hosted by Ustream and viewed by over 4 million people, the six adorable puppies in this litter are now six weeks old, and they are getting awfully big. Which is a little terrifying for those in the Web 2.0 community — as their owner said on the live feed just as I was writing this, “they won’t stay puppies forever.” Fans of individual pups will be able to watch them at their new homes, courtesy of Ustream. But in the meantime, here are a few of their greatest moments…
Here, while the other puppies tussle, one puppy (Ando, apparently, per the blue collar) cuddles with a carrot toy. Ando is a lover, not a fighter.

Naptime for puppies!
Live streaming video by Ustream
Puppies with mom Kika at dinner. They’re getting so big that they can barely all fit on her belly. Best part — you can hear them slurp!
Online TV Shows by Ustream
The puppies have even broken through to mainstream media, with CNN suggesting them as a substitute for a nation hungry for news on the Obama family’s impending puppy acquisition.

As livestreaming becomes more ubiquitous, we’ll doubtlessly become inundated with imitators — the Ustream blog already has a roundup of other breeds being raised from puphood. But it’s unlikely any of us will forget our first real case of (apologies for the unavoidable pun) puppy love.