Daily Sprout

Lights Out: Shell exec Jeroen van der Veer told the Confederation of British Industry today while the financial crisis will pass, the energy crisis (remember that one?) is here to stay for 50 years or more. Without urgent action, he said, “the lights will go out.” — The Guardian
Porsche Wants a Roadster: The German automaker has joined the waiting list for Tesla Motors’ electric sports car. We’re guessing its engineers will do more than kick the tires.  — Autoblog
Clean Energy on Hold: Plans to phase out polluting factories and put caps on emissions around the world face new resistance as economies (and fossil fuel prices) sink.  — New York Times
Mystery Automakers: Organizers of the Progressive Auto X Prize, the race to create a 100 mpg car with $10 million on the line, have announced 20 of the 22 registrants. Might the stealth teams be Fisker or GM? — New Scientist
Blustery Day in Spain: Wind power met a record 43 percent of electricity demand (more than 10,000 megawatts) in Spain during an afternoon storm yesterday. — Yahoo! News