ITV’s Crowdsourced FA Cup Highlights Popular With Locals

ITV (LSE: ITV) has done something right online. ITV Local’s part-pro, part-user-generated highlights of the FA Cup’s early rounds have drawn 300,000 video views since going online in August, the broadcaster tells Broadcast. That’s a big boost to’s overall numbers, but also a big win for fans of lower league soccer sides, who rarely get any attention between the Chelseas and Arsenals of this world. As we said at the time of the launch, ITV Local’s Grassroots Sports area, which gives upload access to fans of teams not covered by ITV’s own cameras, is creating a new local audience by catering to hitherto unserved users – crowdsourcing local sports coverage, if you will, under the rights ITV also owns.
Check out one match-goer’s highlights of the glamour tie between Brady Town and Wimborne Town