For New York Times BlackBerry Storm is a Dud

Looks like for once I am in agreement with The New York Times gadget columnist David Pogue, who eviscerated the new Blackberry Storm device in his review published earlier today.

“But I’ve got a better name for it: the BlackBerry Dud.
The first sign of trouble was the concept: a touchscreen BlackBerry. That’s right — in its zeal to cash in on some of that iPhone touch screen mania, R.I.M. has created a BlackBerry without a physical keyboard. Hello? Isn’t the thumb keyboard the defining feature of a BlackBerry? A BlackBerry without a keyboard is like an iPod without a scroll wheel. A Prius with terrible mileage. Cracker Jack without a prize inside. ( via The New York Times)

I had pretty much the same sentiments, though I wasn’t quite as colorful. Many who have used the Storm’s touch keyboard have been disappointed by it. Others, have been turned off by its lack of WiFi support.