Terrorist Attacks In Bombay, Follow on Twitter

Another terrorist attack in India, this time in India’s financial & entertainment capital, Mumbai (Bombay.) I have been following this for a while on Twitter, where people from the city are reporting whatever updates they can get. It is a depressing start to a Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. You can follow the news here on Twitter, or watch some of the live reports on NDTV and CNN. There are also photos on Flickr.
I am just shocked at the sheer magnitude of the attack, which has left more than 75 dead and 200 injured, along with news of people being taken hostage. The ghastly acts saw terrorists attacking various locations, including busy train station, hotels and hospitals. The shootouts saw some senior cops killed in the line of duty, and the Army has been called in. The shock is so extreme that I am incapable of anger.