Top Resources for Finding Web Work

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us and an economic mania going on, it’s a good time for all of us who have gainful employment to be thankful. For those who don’t,  there are some good resources to tap in order to rectify the situation. In this post, I’ll round up some ideas for web workers who need work.

Whether you’re looking for something full time or part time, oDesk is a good place to start. It’s a staffing marketplace and management platform that provides a simple way to get hired for tech jobs available all around the world. We recently did an interview with the CEO, where he explains how the service works.
Many oDesk workers find sideline jobs that they do in conjunction with other work. You can showcase your skills there, whether they’re programming, design or other types of strengths.
Over on Webware, they’ve been using spreadsheets to post very regularly updated lists of which tech companies are hiring, and which ones are laying people off. You’ll find the latest spreadsheet of sunshine representing companies that are hiring here.
And here, you’ll find Webware’s spreadsheet of companies currently laying people off. You can also find the number of layoffs and the percentage of the workforce affected.
Over on OStatic, we recently ran a post on resources for those who are looking for work in open source software. If you have open source skills, many of these resources may be excellent places to start looking for work. Even if you don’t though, you’ll find many good starting points for finding web work, including Elance. Also check this post for even more ideas.
Even in this economic environment, there are opportunities. Leverage the web to find them.