Can You Be a Good Parent and a Good Blogger?

[qi:076] That’s my personal struggle, but you could insert many all-consuming tasks — such as starting up a company, or training for the Olympics — for blogging and still get to the heart of my question. Most people believe good blogging is about two things: personality and passion. But where does that leave me, a professional news writer who’s passionate about technology — but not to the point where I want to think about it 24 hours a day?
Technology isn’t my single-minded passion, mostly because I have this other passion in life — my two-year-old daughter — but anyone else with a life outside of their blog seems doomed to failure under that formula. I suppose I could be a mommy blogger with a heavy focus on technology, but in truth, it really is the hardcore sciences and learning about technology that I love. So my passions are pretty much destined to never meet — unless I want to implant an RFID or GPS chip in my kid. Maybe when she starts driving. On Monday, Om sent over a nice read about what makes a good blog post from 43 Folders that summarizes the personality and passion requirements quite nicely. But I was drawn more to a New York Times article on slow blogging written on Friday. While the idea of posting a few times a month seems self-indulgent for a professional reporter, there’s a lot of value in taking the time to think a post through. Passion and personality are no substitute for innovative thinking and well-researched points of view.
So as I sit down with my family for a much-needed vacation during the rest of the week and let up-to-the-minute blogging slide, I am also taking some time to think about a few topics that really interest me, such as privacy, home networking, broadband pricing and regulation, and where the chip industry might be in the next five years. Feel free to send your thoughts on those topics or tell me how you guys manage to juggle multiple passions — or if you think passion is the key to great blogging, even. Almost a year into this gig, I still haven’t figured it out.