Daily Sprout

Gas on the Cheap: Retailers in Missouri have slashed fuel prices by selling gas without ethanol, the grain-based alcohol that many states require as a gas add-in to reduce air pollution. — Reuters
Environmental Investing: Some of the world’s biggest pension funds and foundations in are redirecting investment to companies that minimize environmental harm. Why haven’t institutional investors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations pension fund come on board? — New York Times
Solar-Motive: Shares of the photovoltaics company SolarWorld plummeted on news of a planned bid to take over GM’s Opel, but the company stands by its vision of turning automaking green without Detroit. — NYT’s Green, Inc.
Green Stimulus in China: China’s economic stimulus plan reveals a commitment to efficiency and environmental improvements, suggesting the global economic downturn could help the U.S. and China tackle climate change. — Guardian Environment Network
Farm-Car Coalition: Ethanol makers are making the most of Detroit’s troubles, calling for Big Three execs to demonstrate their commitment to biofuels. A mighty coalition of lawmakers from car-producing and farm states could be on the horizon. — Dow Jones Newswires