Is Yahoo Stock a Bargain?

[qi:109] Carl Icahn, a hedge fund investor and corporate rabble-rouser, has bought 7 million shares of Yahoo (s YHOO) for $67 million. That works out to about $9.92 a share. With that, his stake in Yahoo is now 75.6 million shares, or nearly 5.5 percent of the company, according to the AP. So how should we read into his move? After all, Icahn previously bought 70 million shares for about $25 a share and has lost $900 million on that investment. In other words, his track record thus far hasn’t exactly been awe-inspiring. His investments in Motorola (s mot), another company he lobbied to restructure, have taken a heavy pounding as well. Kara Swisher thinks that this recent Yahoo stock purchase is a sign that Yahoo is about to make a CEO choice “sooner than later and much more Icahn-friendly.” What do you guys think: Is Yahoo a bargain?