Reports: Fixes Are Coming For The BlackBerry Storm Bugs

imageResearch In Motion is doing all it can to fix some of the early glitches found in the BlackBerry Storm and keep consumers from wanting to return the company’s first touchscreen device. It’s true the launch of the BlackBerry Storm was a hit — thousands of people lined up at Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) stores nationwide to be one of the first to get their hands on a phone. However, following the first burst of sales, well-known reviewer David Pogue of the NYT’s declared the device a “dud,” and said it is plagued by glitches, which includes sudden freezes, reboots, and other cosmetic glitches. I also wrote about my experience with the device, which got a fair amount of feedback from readers who argued about whether the phone was actually flawed or just unfairly being compared to the iPhone.

But now there’s information surfacing that RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) is taking steps to turn the tide. First off, a software update is coming that is expected to help the phone switch between portrait and landscape modes and improve the battery life, reports Brighthand. It is unclear when the update will be available to consumers, but it’s likely being rolled out this week. Separately, it appears RIM is passing out a list of known flaws to Verizon employees to keep them from accepting the reasons as excuses for exchanging the device since all customers have a 30-day return policy.

Mobile Crunch got its hands on the document, which apparently not only lists several bugs that the phone has, but also solutions for how customers can deal with them in the interim. Some of suggestions include: pressing the key again when you press a key and it’s not recognized; or lowering the volume after receiving a call while listening to music because the music volume may suddenly increase to the highest level; if the radio fails to turn on when the device is powered on, manually do so from the menu, or pull out the battery. There’s other bugs that don’t have suggested solutions, such as being able to stop the handset from reseting while it is sitting idle or while using multimedia applications.