Never Heard Of Koi Pond Or iBeer? Well, They Top The List Of Most-Downloaded iPhone Apps

imageApple (NSDQ: AAPL) released a number of lists today that detail what iPhone users have downloaded the most since the App Store launched on July 11, and the results might just surprise you. With about 10,000 applications available today, the obvious paid Apps that floated to the top were games, like Sega’s Super Monkey Ball and Apple’s own Texas Hold’em. But two silly ones also ranked high, included the 99-cent Koi Pond, which allows people to gaze into a crystal clear pond at fish, and the 99-cent iBeer, which foams when you shake it. Also, independent developer Shinya Kasatani hit it big with his one-off 99-cent application called Pocket Guitar, which allows people to play while on the go. Meanwhile, the most popular free Apps were a bit more predictable with Facebook, Pandora, Shazam and Tap Tap Revenge making the list. The one controversial app worth mentioning is Lightsaber Unleashed, which was developed by THQ (NSDQ: THQI) Wireless with the permission of Lucas Films. No word on how the first very popular Lightsaber app, which didn’t have permission, placed in the rankings before it was yanked. More results can be found here.

Here’s the entire top 10 list of paid and free apps: