PCMag.com Rankings Shame Nation’s ISPs

In a measurement of statewide web-surfing speeds, Nevada came out on top with speeds of a mere 781 kbps, and that was far above the not-even-broadband speeds of 322 kbps experienced by users in New Mexico, the lowest ranked state, according to PCMag.com. The technology magazine published today its list of top Internet Service Providers, as well as the nation’s fastest states for broadband.

For those of you who looked at those speeds and noticed how much they differ from the multiple megabits per second most of us buy from our ISP, Jeremy Kaplan, executive editor for PCMag.com, explains that the publication’s measurements are a reflection of typical web surfing rather than a straight-up broadband speed test.

PCMag’s SurfSpeed application isn’t measuring speeds the way the ISPs or popular applications such as Speedtest.net do. Instead of sending a large file to test speeds, SurfSpeed measures how fast normal web sites can load the multiple frames of information sent down from a variety of servers. This is affected not only by broadband speeds but by the processing engine inside your browser, the latency on the servers delivering the web content and countless other points where a data packet might pause.

To see how your state ranked, check out the PCMag article and charts. I was bummed to see Texas, my home and the headquarters of AT&T, the nation’s largest ISP, was ranked 19th.