Phorm Execs Jump Ship

Phorm’s chief operations officer and several members of its board have left the company, citing disagreements with CEO Kent Ertugrul. According to a regulatory filing, Steven Heyer, David Dorman, Christopher Lawrence and Virasb Vahidi — who also served as the controversial ad firm’s COO — have stepped down from the Phorm board. The four blamed their departure on “a result of differences with Mr. Ertugrul as to the management and future direction of the Company.”

Phorm has already replaced them, and plans to continue selling ISPs on a program that delivers targeted advertisements based on where a customer surfs on the web. However, with other UK broadband providers rejecting Phorm‘s rather invasive technology, another investigation into the legality of Phorm’s actions and worries in the U.S. over privacy, maybe the executives were getting out while the getting was still good.