FastCall Enables Quick Dialing On the iPhone

Last week, the folks from EdgeRift released an update to their iPhone app, FastCall. Now, there are many apps for the iPhone that enable a faster form of dialing, but FastCall takes a different approach. For those who are used to how the Palm OS and Windows Mobile quick dialing works, then having FastCall at your fingertips will make you quite happy.

Here is what their main application window looks like (from their site – sorry – don’t want to show all of my contacts).

As you can see, you can quickly find contacts by pressing the keypad to filter through the results. One thing I can say is that for those of us with a lot of contacts (500+), FastCall is very fast at rendering the results. Also, once you have found the contact you want to interact with, you can then either quickly call, email or SMS them.

If I were to point out an option for improvement, I would love to see the developer add the ability to press the little icons for quick dial, email or SMS. Today, pressing those icons do nothing other than taking you to the next screen whereby you can choose which action you want to take.

One cool feature is that if you mistype any or multiple keys, you can backspace the entire item by pressing and holding the backspace key. This tip is in the Info button and welcome screen, although some folks might miss it. I have found that if you press the backspace key too quickly (and multiple times), the app will crash. However, I have not been able to consistently reproduce this problem.

After you have found the contact you want to dial, email or SMS, one of the other great features is that FastCall remembers the contact with a “heatmap” to let you know how often you interact with this contact. The UI is exceptionally clear and I applaud the developers for creating this great feature. Here is an example:

If you have a lot of contacts, this makes finding the most used ones easier as they bubble up to the top of the list based upon how frequently you interact with them.

FastCall is available in the App Store for $2.99. This seems like a pretty reasonable deal given the functionality that FastCall provides. For me, I have replaced the standard Contact app that Apple provides because now I can get to those contacts I use most with the best efficiency.