Spin: Round and Round You Go

There is something to be said for apps that are so focused, their entire function can be summed up in one word. Spin ($2.99) is just that, a game that revolves around spinning (pun intended). The premise is that you are given a silhouette and an object, you then have a limited amount of time to rotate the object such that its outline lines up with that of the silhouette’s in as few turns as possible. It sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s always more difficult than it seems.

Through three game modes: Arcade, Frantic, and Minute Rush; you use the multi-touch screen to rotate objects 360-degrees until they line up with the outline behind it. Most times the solution is simple and it is just a matter of rotating the object quickly enough. However, once in a while, when you’re confidence is built up, you’ll be thrown for a complete loop, spinning and spinning the object to no end, trying to figure out the correct orientation.

The Arcade mode, which features three levels of difficulty, has you go through 100 stages matching a minimum number of objects before the timer runs out. Frantic, on the other hand, is an endless mode, where you keep going until the time runs out because you could not properly rotate an object quickly enough. Lastly, Minute Rush, gives you one minute to correctly solve as many puzzles as possible. As an added bonus, Spin also features trophies for reaching certain milestones, including the peculiar Dumbmonkey which, “You would have to be REALLY DUMB to get this trophy,” which creates a nice sense of accomplishment (except for the aforementioned one) and increases the replay value, giving you something to strive for beyond the high score.

The games graphics are nice, colorful, and very animated; with each level having its own theme and background. The controls are mostly responsive, but at times can be a bit finicky, causing a bit of frustration. The only real faults the game has are seemingly long load time and the lack of ability to let you listen to your own music while playing. The game’s own soundtrack is very reminiscent of early ’90s video game music, and while very fitting, can become repetitive and tiresome.

Overall, Spin is not a game to be overlooked. It’s highly entertaining and, given the chance, can become very addictive, despite its seemingly simple premise.