The Handset of the Future Needs Wi-Fi

Like me, the Wi-Fi Alliance is based in Austin, so I asked them if they wouldn’t mind setting up a home tour that would allow me to see the future of Wi-Fi in action. In the segment below, I sit down with Kelly Davis-Felner, marketing director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, whose home I visited to talk about Wi-Fi on handsets as well as the future of Wi-Fi peering, which would create device networks independent of the Internet.

Davis-Felner says the Alliance has certified 249 mobile handsets since 2003, 106 of them this year alone. She expects Wi-Fi on handsets to be more common in the years to come — a prediction that, after reading our readers’ opinions of the BlackBerry Storm shipping without Wi-Fi, I wholeheartedly agree with. And in the last two minutes of the video, Davis-Felner talks about networking WiFi-enabled devices for sharing photos, playing games or printing without ever having to access the web.