Facebook Launches Connect, Finally

Given how much has already been written about Facebook Connect, you would think that the service has been available for eons. In fact the service that was first announced in May — which allows you to use your Facebook login to access Facebook’s partner web sites, desktop apps or mobile devices, then broadcast what you’re doing on those sites to all of your Facebook friends — officially launched today.

Nearly 100 web sites have implemented Facebook Connect as part of a pre-launch rollout. The social networking site claims that as a result, these sites are getting 66 percent more registrations and have 50 percent more engagement. I’m not sure how they calculate this with such pin-point accuracy; it seems like marketing hocus-pocus to me. Nevertheless, the number and quality of launch partner sites is one reason why Facebook is going to get more traction compared to its rivals. These are all highly trafficked services (with few exceptions) that will help Facebook Connect become part of the social web infrastructure.

Since I, too, have written extensively about Facebook Connect already, I won’t spend any more time on it. As background, just read two of my previous posts.

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  • There is one school of thought which says that Facebook Connect could have a direct impact on blogs and blog comment aggregators like Disqus as FC can subsume some of their functionality.