No Freeware of the Moment- StartEase 2 for your netbook

StarteaseToday’s freeware pick is not really just for netbooks but it’s a utility that works with Windows XP and that’s the OS of choice for many netbooks.  StartEase 2  is the updated version of a PC Magazine utility that adds a ton of functionality to the plain jane Windows XP start menu.  There are far too many features to list them all here but basically StartEase 2 is a program launcher and menu program that is totally configurable so you can build the system you want.  You can bookmark any program on the system in the utility and organize all of those programs any way you wish.  It’s free and it’s easy to use so if you use Windows XP on your netbook and you want a better start menu then give it a try.

UPDATE:  We are receiving reports that this utility is asking those who install it to pay for it.  There is no mention anywhere on the site that this utility has any cost associated and since PC Magazine is not in the software business we trustingly assumed this was freeware.  Links have been removed to the utility and we are leaving this post up so anyone who may have seen this earlier will understand that the program IS NOT FREE.