iGifting 101: 10 Great Gifts for Mac Addicts

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, there is one undeniable fact. The holiday season is around the corner, and it is time to find the perfect gift for the Mac Addict in your family.

As good as an iTunes gift card or iPod case may be this season, “Think Different” and get that special Mac Addict in your life something that matters. Get them something they will remember, and something they will use. This will add some personality, and practicality under their tree this season. So what do you get for the computer geek that already has everything?

1. For the Media Guru: DLO Homedock HD Pro

Boasting not only a sleek design for an iPod dock, the Homedock HD Pro has all the connections you need to bring your iPod to your high definition television this holiday season. The business end of the Homedock HD includes a Digital Audio Output, USB connector, HDMI input & output, auxiliary audio input, as well as RCA and Component outputs. All with a gorgeous interface to seamlessly watch your media on your iPod on your TV.

2. For the Typist: Logitech’s Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac

I love Apple’s bluetooth keyboard for my Mac, but I also like to have a bit more functionality with my keyboard. This is one of the few disadvantages to Apple’s keyboard, and this is where Logitech reigns supreme. It has dedicated controls for iTunes, iPhoto, Volume, and more…all of which are extremely customizable. One of my favorite features of the S 530 is probably one of its most simple features. It features what is essentially a USB extention cable that has a dock that sits on a desk. This is perfect when I am using my iMac, but what if I want to use my Macbook…all I have to do is unplug the USB dongle from the dock and it’s ready to go.  So do a writer a favor this season and get him a keyboard he could do some damage with.

3. For the USB fiend: Griffin’s Simplifi

Memory Stick Pro Duo card reader, SD card reader, iPod dock, USB hub. All of which are USB devices, all of which clutter my desktop and take up invaluable USB ports. Well Griffin Technology has heard the cries from people like me. They have blessed us with the Simplifi iPod dock which is essentially…well just an iPod dock.  However it probably has a few more bells and whistles than your standard iPod dock. Griffin’s Simplifi is an iPod/iPhone charging and docking station that features a built in 2-port USB hub, a memory card reader that is compatible with all major media card formats, all with a built in iPod dock that is capable of docking virtually any iPod.

4. For the Driver: The DLO TransDock

Car solutions for the iPod have become a labor of love in today’s world. Each week someone new puts out some new device or dock to connect your iPod to your car, but which is the best? Some may not have the ability, time, or funds to hardwire their iPod to their car stereo. This is where an FM transmitter comes in handy. So get that certain someone the best FM transmitter you can with the DLO Transdock. They will be happy, and so will their car.

5. For the Packer: The Tom Bihn Empire Builder

A good laptop bag is hard to find; I’m rarely satisfied with the one I have. I need a bag that has the ability to hold my laptop, a notebook or two, pens, pencils, my iPod, and just about any other muse I need on a daily basis. So the best I have found to use is the Tom Bihn Empire Builder. The Empire Builder comes with 3 dividers, but it is simple to order more dividers to go inside of the bag to help store and carry nearly everything from a laptop, photography equimpment, or just for use as a day bag.

6. For the Minimalist: Griffin Powermate

Finding a device as intuitive as a simple knob is few and far between. Essentially the concept of Griffin’s Powermate is fairly simple. It’s a knob…that’s all. But don’t let the simple concept of the device fool you, it is one of the most intuitive and useful devices you could have on your desk. It has the ability to set special functions for different applications. For example, you could have it used for volume when using iTunes, use it to scroll in Safari, and use it to filter through your footage in iMovie or Final Cut. This would make a great gift for anyone that uses their Mac as a creative outlet.

7. For the Punctual: iHome’s iH41BR

There are dozens of iPod alarm clocks out there, some better than others, and some better suited for pockets deeper than others. But iHome’s iH41BR has a function that sets it apart from most. It has the ability to utilize the accelerometer in the iPod Nano or Touch by turning the clock on its side to watch movies and the digits displaying the time will turn on their side as well.

8. For the Savvy: Apple’s 24-inch LED Cinema Display

This is a gift best saved for someone really close, otherwise read as someone you’re prepared to drop $900 on. But I guarantee whoever you get this for this holiday season, they will be thankful. Boasting an all glass 24-inch display, 3 USB 2.0 ports, a Mini Displayport connector, a Magsafe power cable for connecting your Macbook, built in iSight camera, microphone, and speaker system, this display should be all you need on your desktop after buying the Macbook itself.

9. For the Pack-Rat: LaCie Hard Drive Designed by Neil Poulton

Hard drive space is something a Mac user can never have too much of, and style is in that same bracket. As stylish as Apple’s products are, Mac addicts everywhere need accessories that are just as stylish. Sporting USB 2.0, SATA, and Firewire 400 interfaces, it should be the perfect gift for a photographer, filmmaker, or music buff.

10. For the Nostalgic: iPod 1st Generation

It was launched on October 23, 2001 for $399 and it revolutionized the way we listen to music. The original iPod didn’t browse the internet, it didn’t have the ability to look at photos, or watch videos. It did one thing, play music, and it did it well. So why not reminisce? Any avid Mac user would love to own the one that started the revolution; cruising down the street with one of these retro bricks would surely get that special someone a few nods of approval for the sake of nostalgia.