Mogulus Launches Pro Streaming Service

Live-streaming company Mogulus launched its pro service today, as the company looks to develop a revenue, err, stream beyond just overlay advertising. But given the prices Mogulus is charging, the company is definitely going after professionals and not the casual user.

The new pro service offers the following features:

  • Ad-free videos (unless you choose to implement them)
  • Video analytics and statistics
  • Privacy options
  • HD streaming
  • Wide-screen format
  • White-label player (removal of Mogulus branding)

Mogulus said it’s developing additional features for those that pony up, including scheduled programming, APIs and other options to monetize your content.

So how much will a pro account set you back? A “PRO-1” level account will cost you $350 a month for one channel, 25 GB a month for storage and 25 GB a month for bandwidth (with overages for both costing $1.50 per GB). The “PRO-10” account is $1,250 a month for 10 channels, 200 GB a month for storage (and $1 per GB of overage), and 200 GB a month for bandwidth (80 cents per GB of overage).

With the pro service costing that much coin, it’s obviously not for those just eating cereal in front of a webcam ranting about the UN in between slurps of Cap’n Crunch. Mogulus, which got $10 million from Gannett in July, says the service is already being used by Gannett newspapers like USA Today, and sees potential customers in radio and TV stations, or anyone who knows TV and has a lot of content.

The world of live-streaming has reached a crucial juncture as those offering the service try to turn it into a revenue-generating business, with success yet to be determined. While Stickam launched a pay-per-view service this past summer, Yahoo shut down its live-streaming service yesterday.