Truphone enables WiFi phone calls on iPod Touch

TruphoneipodtouchWe’ve talked about Truphone before. They offer low-cost and free voice calling over WiFi for handsets like BlackBerries, Nokia devices and Apple’s iPhone. Can you believe they now offer their service on a non-phone? Yup, as of today, Truphone enables an iPod Touch to be a voice communications device with their free client application available in the iTunes App Store.

Bear in mind that two other requirements come into play here. First, you’ll need a second-generation iPod Touch; the first-gen devices don’t support audio input. A headset with microphone is also required since there’s no built-in microphone on the iPod Touch. Apple sells one in their store of course, but Truphone is working on a microphone adapter of their own. The company tells me that it will be available soon.

With Truphone’s application, an iPod Touch with microphone and a WiFi signal, you can make free calls to other Truphone users on iPod Touches, Nokia handsets and even a contact that uses Google Talk on a PC. Calls to landlines (at low costs), Skype and MSN users are coming soon as are features allowing you to update your Twitter or Facebook status.

While I wouldn’t rely on using an iPod Touch for a majority of my calling just yet, I could see it being very useful for long distance calls by setting up Truphone accounts with friends overseas. Why burn any international minutes or deal with a crappy cellular signal if you’re comfy in a WiFi hotspot with your iPod Touch?