Broadband is Key to Obama’s Recovery Plan

Speaking today in his weekly radio address, President-elect Barack Obama listed upgrades to the information superhighway as one of the essentials of his economic recovery plan. Decrying our nation’s rank as 15th when it comes to broadband adoption (he’s using OCED numbers), Obama seems willing to make the investment to get everyone in our nation surfing the web at broadband speeds (even if you can get away with calling 768 kbps broadband).

Given my feelings that government needs to get involved in broadband, I’m thrilled to hear his recognition that a fast Internet for everyone is essential for our nation’s competitiveness. But before we expect a huge revision in broadband rankings, we’ll have to see how he plans to do this and how various interest groups fight against his efforts. Below is Obama’s speech, which also includes plans for making federal building more energy efficient and a big push for electronic medical records. Between broadband access and medical records, I’m thinking Intel and Google are going to love this administration.