British Telecom Expected To Intergrate Mobile Into 2012 Olympic Games

This summer’s Olympic Games in China were the perfect opportunity for the mobile industry to showcase mobile content and reach out to a new audience, and it appears companies are not wasting any time for preparing for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. With the China games only a distant memory, London organizers have already started to work with British Telecom on a mobile strategy that would improve the experience of people attending the events in-person, reports Right now, the details are vague, and organizers are quick to acknowledge that the most relevant technologies for the games may not even exist or be popular today, but it expects live tests to begin in 2012. Some of the potential applications being considered include live updates of sporting events, and “X-Factor-style polls” on the public’s favorite athletes, as well as using near-field communication terminals to allow mobile phones to pay for low-priced items. In addition to consumer uses. BT (NYSE: BT) is also working with Samsung and others to develop a specific phone for staff working at event sites.