PayCycle Makes Online Payroll Even Easier

PayCycle LogoWith the end of year near, many small business owners start to think about what changes they can make that will make the upcoming year easier than the last. Whether it is reconciling accounts or cleaning up receivables, organizing the finances always seems to be high on that last.

In my experience, payroll is one of those items that most people would really rather just get off their plate completely though. So when we covered PayCycle back in May, I was glad to see our readers quick to chime in with their own favorable reviews of the online payroll service.

The folks at PayCycle have been busy trying to make things even easier though.

The new version of their hosted service, announced yesterday, offers a couple of really nice features, but the most substantial is the new and improved setup process.

We talked a lot about their PayToday process last time but they have really made it much easier this time around. No form based screens requesting way too much information, new users now get a much improved task based approach with icon based feedback letting you know just where you are in the process.

Paycycle PayToday Setup

It also remembers where you are so you can jump back in after the calls and other interruptions you are likely to get. It also requests just the basic information needed to get that first paycheck created and printed.

Other improvements include greater integration with QuickBooks and other accounting software, improved e-filing set up and support for those businesses with employees in multiple states.

PayCycle Export

If outsourcing payroll is an option for you, PayCycle may be worth a look. They really have taken away any excuse not to.

Basic plans start at 24.99/mo while their Plus Service runs $42.99/mo for 5 employees with a $1.50 charge for each employee over the first 5.