7 Tools To Make Your WinXP Netbook Shine

Netbooks are hot sellers, even in a down economy, due to their low price compared to other laptops, and a lot of consumers are picking up netbooks with Windows XP. Even though it’s getting a little long in the tooth, it runs them just fine. The advantage that netbooks have in running Windows XP is that it’s a mature operating system, and as such there are a lot of useful free utilities that can make for a productive environment.

There are utilities that will make sure you have the important files from your desktop computer on your netbook and others to help get around any of the compromises using a small computer sticks you with. We’ve looked at a lot of netbooks, and here are our seven must-have utilities for netbooks running Windows XP.

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SyncToy: keeps any two folders in sync automatically, thus insuring your important files are always with you.

Tweak UI: Allows you to customize the way Windows XP looks on small screens. You can make those tiny boxes in the Windows bar bigger with ease.

Virtual Desktop Manager: This nice utility lets you use up to four virtual desktops to keep things easy to see on a small screen. You can put your email on one desktop, web browser in another and iTunes in a third and easily switch back and forth as needed.

SharpKeys: Asian netbook makers put some keys in unfamiliar places, and this utility lets you easily remap these keys to the proper place. Some netbooks have the arrow keys where the right shift key should be, and it’s easy to remap it back to the more familiar shift key.

Foxit Reader: A PDF reader that handles documents better and faster than the standard Adobe Reader. Foxit also requires far less resources than Adobe, freeing them up for more important tasks.

Xplorer2: A file manager that is highly configurable so you can better take advantage of the small screen and trackpad on the netbook. You can drag and drop files from one folder to another in a single window.

Windows Movie Maker: You probably have a lot of photos on your netbook and Movie Maker makes it a breeze to create slide shows to show them off to family and friends.