The Internet Is Better Than Sex

Because it’s Friday, and because I absolutely adore these kinds of silly polls, I thought I’d share with you Intel’s (s intc) findings that 46 percent of women would rather go without sex for two weeks than go without the Internet. Maybe some of  these women are married to the men among the 35 percent of people who would give up their spouse rather than their BlackBerry, so this preference for technology works for them.

Still, apparently just 30 percent of men would choose the web and its varied forms of entertainment over some real-life lovin’ for a two-week period. The goal of the Intel survey was to show how much the Internet means to people, even in a recession. But frankly, depending on the type of the relationship you have, two weeks of Internet access might be cheaper than keeping your sex life going. Plus, I do wonder how many women (and men) would choose the Internet over groceries, a roof over their heads or even health insurance — because in tight times, that’s what the $45 bucks a month for web access is really weighed against.