Weekend Vid Picks: Videos For the Bitter Old Cat Lady In Us All

The holidays are more stressful than ever this year — take the panic of holiday shopping and combine it with the panic of potentially not having a job with which to pay for those presents, and no one’s happy. So perhaps you need a quick break to remove some of the pressure, pre-or-post your latest excursion to the mall. Maybe, in short, you need to be caught up on the latest viral videos of funny animals.

I like this video because it is simple — it promises to show you a cat elevator and it delivers. A note for people watching at home: dangling a basket out your window is not guaranteed to lure a cute fluffy kitty into your house. Not that I’ve tried or anything.

Lest anyone accuse me of being cat-biased, here is a noble act of dog heroism — one puppy pulling another off a dangerous highway, caught by a traffic camera.

And sure, this is from last week, but who could get sick of watching kittens attempt to defy the gravity of a slide?

Really, with all the worry and angst of the season, it’s little surprise that most people are starting to feel like the archetypal bitter old cat lady. Fortunately, the Internet allows us to indulge that feeling vicariously. Which is ultimately for the best. Have you seen how much cat food costs these days?