France 24 Inks More Syndication Deals, Included

News network France 24 is provide video content for six international news sites including and The online and cable channel, which broadcasts in French, English and Arabic, will supply daily news bulletins to those sites as well as Australia’s, in Portugal, Switzerland’s and Microsoft’s Belgian portal France 24 confirmed to us today that the videos will be monetised on an advertising revenue-sharing basis.

The sites will have access to clips and also live footage of major breaking French news stories. It’s the latest extension of the channel’s syndication strategy that has seen its content shown for free on RealNetworks’ Other syndication deals have seen the network’s content streamed on sites such as Livestation, Zattoo and Dailymotion. In January the network started showing contextual ads during videos.

The Independent’s digital MD Bill Swanson told us today that the Indie, for its part, will be looking into monetising the clips through advertising, but he says it’s early days in the site’s video plans. “The main thing is to develop our video offering and then look into monetising it,” he says. For the Indie, it’s “a chicken and egg situation” where it wants to charge higher CPMs, but can’t get that before it has the audience to sell. But Swanson says: “If we can monetise it from day one then we will do. It’s first about getting coverage of lots of different things.”