Gladinet turns cloud data services into local virtual folders


With online services appearing regularly, how do you differentiate between them? Pricing is surely one way, but features and ease of use ought to play into the mix as well. Business Hacks points out Gladinet as a way to make several web services a little easier to use on a Windows machine.

This free utility turns cloud utilities and data into virtual local folders to make it look like everything is right there on your PC. It supports Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Docs, Zoho Docs, Amazon S3 storage, Picasa and more; each service is integrated nicely within Windows Explorer. Since the data is actually stored in the cloud, Gladinet offers an easy way to create a sharable URL to one of your “folders”, but BHacks says that public folders aren’t working for them. Since the application is still in beta, that’s not too surprising but I hope that gets addressed quickly. Most of the other data storage services have the sharing features down pat.