Daily Apple: Snake, Paris, Keynote Concerns, & Business Triggers

Metal Gear Confirmed for iPhone – Snake’s going to be stealthy on your iPhone or iPod touch in the near future, thanks to Konami. They’re also planning on releasing Silent Hill and Dance Dance Revolution games. I want Grey Fox in the Metal Gear game. That’s an order.

Apple Expo Paris Nixed – Yesterday, Apple was announcing its last year at Macworld. Today, there’s more bad news for Apple convention goers, as Apple Expo Paris announced that the trade show will not happen in 2009. C’est la vie!

Jobs Won’t Present Keynote, Health Concerns Crop Up Yet Again – Steve won’t be taking part in the Expo this year at all, with the honor of the keynote going instead to Apple SVP Steve Schiller. Some of the speculation is that he’s staying away for health reasons, adding another link in the seemingly endless chain of rumors about his supposed illness.

Dow Jones Releases Sales Trigger iPhone App – If you’re the business type, as more and more iPhone users are, this app might be useful. It provides up-to-the-minute information on important changes at listed companies, like entering and exiting management personnel, mergers, etc.