Top Gear Hands Tesla Another Controversy

Tesla Motors seems to find itself in the clarifying business more than most startups: There was the temporary transmission issue in 2007 (clarification: not designed to fail), the airbag waiver controversy back in February (the Roadster does have front airbags, but deployment of the front passenger airbag does not vary based on passenger weight). Now we have the case of the Top Gear Mischaracterizations.

As Wired reported last night, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson “beat the snot out of a pair of Tesla Roadsters” on the British TV show. Video below.

Needless to say, Tesla was not pleased. Cue clarification: Tesla spokesperson Rachel Konrad says the batteries didn’t die, the cars weren’t pushed off the track (sure looks like they were), and most Tesla owners need 3.5 — not 16 — hours to recharge. Oh, and the brake failure? Just a blown fuse.