Location Based Job Searching With JobCompass

JobCompass is a new application on the iPhone that allows you to search through millions of jobs, locating and plotting them on a map in relation to your current position. It pulls vacancy information in real time, so new listings appear on a regular basis.

The idea for JobCompass was born when Titus Blair, the developer of the application, discovered that many of his friends and associates were being laid off. He explains that:

Current website solutions are not ideal since they do not pinpoint your location to provide you with job listings in relation to where you are at the moment. I was also traveling regularly and thought it would be interesting to see what jobs were available in my field in the cities and places I was visiting.

After pinpointing your location, JobCompass allows you to search for jobs by keyword, specifying the range from your current location which interests you (5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 mile radius). After finding a position which you seem well suited for, it’s simple to send an email to yourself with a link to the job description or, for those with quick fingers and enough patience, to open the listing in Safari and apply for the job straight away.

Future versions of the app are slated to offer an option to search not only your present location, but wherever you wish based upon a city, state or postal code. Currently the app is limited to the U.S., but international support is in the pipeline, including Canada and the UK. Job listings are currently pulled from Indeed.com, but the developer noted that they are presently working to expand to Monster, HotJobs, Dice and others with the aim of having the most extensive job listing system available on a mobile device.

There is little doubt the idea of being ‘location-aware’ is one of the most useful and widely exploited features of the iPhone — it’s great for ordering pizza, looking for a cash machine or trying to navigate your way around a city. Whether the demand is there for knowing the jobs available in any given location is debatable, and questions surround how useful location-based job searching is. That said, the radius supported by JobCompass is up to 100 miles — more than enough for anyone searching for local employment.

JobCompass currently only supports the iPhone, with iPod touch support being introduced in the next update. The normal price of the app is $3.99, but there’s a significant reduction in the run up to Christmas. You can download Job Compass via iTunes until December 24 for only $0.99.

In addition, a free copy is being given away every day in the month of December. Full details can be found at Jobcompass.net.