Opera Says Facebook More Popular Than MySpace For First Time On Mobile

Opera puts out a monthly study which reveals how people are using its browser on mobile phones, and although the information is coming from one source, it can still be fascinating. This month, the company is highlighting traffic to social networks, and reports that in the U.S., Facebook has surpassed MySpace for the first time in terms of number of unique visitors, and the surprise newcomer to the list is Friendster, which is the ailing social network online that in recent months has made a comeback in other regions around the world on the phone. The social networks also rank high in the overall most-visited sites, appearing at the No. 2 and No. 3 spots respectively, only trailing behind Google (NSDQ: GOOG). Report.


Other findings: For the month of November, the company said in the U.S., page view growth since January was 200.9 percent, and that after a five month absence, CNN is back on the list of top sites (in the No. 9 spot); and that the BlackBerry Bold, released by AT&T (NYSE: T) in early November, made an immediate impact and is already one of the top handsets preferred by Opera Mini users in the U.S.