EEStor Snags Its Patent

Looks like EEStor, the high-profile Texas energy storage startup, finally got its patent. According to the U.S. patent office it was issued on Dec. 16 (hat tip

A lot of the details of the patent, which was filed Aug. 13, 2004, have been online for some time with the U.S. patent office, and many have read them over and tried to figure out the secret sauce. We also fully admit it’s difficult for us to judge, based on the patent details, whether or not the technology is viable. Regardless, having a patent issued is a milestone for the company, if only for the fact that EEStor will be able to better secure its intellectual property if the technology does become viable.

EEStor says its energy storage technology can provide 10 times the energy of lead-acid batteries at one-tenth the weight and half the price, and that it can move a car 400 kilometers after a five-minute charge. The company is backed by Kleiner Perkins and has exclusive deals with Zenn Motor Co. and defense contractor Lockheed Martin. But delays have already pushed back estimated production start dates.