Daily Sprout

Solar Subsidies Strike Back: Japanese officials announced plans today to bring back subsidies for solar panels on homes, starting with $99.6 million for the first quarter of 2009. — Reuters

End of the SUV Era: Factory closings in recent years have left the Big Three with only one plant each still devoted to making traditional SUVs. GM (s GM) closed more factories in Wisconsin and Ohio yesterday. — New York Times

Sea Change Among Energy Execs: In a recent survey of 52 oil and gas executives by Deloitte, only about a dozen respondents said they expect oil and gas to be America’s cheapest energy source in 25 years. Three-quarters considered it a good idea for the U.S. to phase out fossil fuels for transportation. — Los Angeles Times

Tiny Toyota EV: Toyota (s TM) is keeping mostly mum about the all-electric concept vehicle it plans to show at the Detroit auto show next month. One detail just in: The car will be smaller than the Prius. — Detroit Free Press

Toshiba Bets on Efficient Motors, “Super Charge” Batteries: Rivals are shutting down plants and halting expansion, but Toshiba Corp. (s TOSBF) said today it will go ahead with construction of a high-efficiency motor factory in Vietnam and a long-life, rapid-charge battery plant in Japan. — AFP