One Juicer: Managing the App Store Beast

There are many ways to keep on top of app releases. You could, for instance, just visit the app store on your iPhone and sort the lists by release date. You could also try AppSniper, an application designed solely with keeping tabs on iPhone releases and pricing. Or, you could go with a web or RSS-based solution, like AppShopper. Personally, I use a mix of all of the above, but I still feel like there’s something missing.

I didn’t know what it was until I came across One Juicer. It’s a new web-based service that works like Google Alerts, but specifically with iPhone app releases. It works just like it sounds. You type in a keyword and your email address, and App Juicer will alert you whenever an app featuring that keyword in its title or description is released. Sure beats searching manually every once in a while, and it has the advantage of being far more up-to-date than if you do it on your own.

Not to mention the advantage for developers. It can be time consuming and aggravating to keep tabs on potential competitors to your own app. There’s nothing more aggravating than releasing an app the day after one with identical functionality, but pricing yours twice as high.

You’re limited to three search terms per email address, and you can manager your terms and change them once you’ve set up your initial search criteria. The first email you receive will include a comprehensive list of all apps currently available in the iTunes store that contain your term, but afterward you’ll only receive an email when a new app is released. One Juicer is a free service.