Tools To Use: Tip’d, a Financial Social News Service

tipd Like many, the market collapse of the past few months has forced me to pay closer-than-usual attention to financial news. I’ve had to rely primarily on mainstream publications; with my day set up to revolve around all things tech, unearthing valuable, alternate sources of info can be a challenge. Sure Paul Kedrosky and Barry Ritholtz surface interesting content, just not enough of it. So recently I’ve started to use Tip’d, which aims to be the Digg of the financial sector. Readers submit stories on the world of money and others vote the good ones to the top.

With a clean interface that features well laid-out modules (upcoming stories, categories, etc.), Tip’d looks less like Digg and more like a blog. But I’m pretty ambivalent about the design as it’s the content that’s had me scanning Tipd at least twice a day over the past three weeks. I find 3-5 headlines that grab my attention each day, of which maybe two are worth reading. Rarely do I find an article I would archive, as truly quality content is sparse. But this is a new service (it had 100,000 visitors in November, according to Compete), so I’m willing to be patient. If it can get itself embedded into the financial blog ecosystem the way Digg has plugged in the tech world, Tip’d could become a daily destination.